Anabolic steroids are well known for their performance enhancing the ability and ability to increase size and strength. However, most people do not know that anabolic steroids come in different types and play different roles in the body when consumed. Traditionally, anabolic steroids were used by doctors to treat various conditions that relate to muscle loss as well as low testosterone in men. Anabolic steroids are derivatives of testosterone that work by binding to testosterone receptors in the body to cause muscle growth, strength, stamina and energy.

What are the different types of anabolic steroids?

Oral vs injectable anabolic steroids

The most common types of anabolic steroids are the injectable and oral versions. The injectables are those that you administer directly to the muscles using a needle. They are known to act fast and most athletes prefer them because they are less likely to cause liver damage. Some of the popular injectable steroids include Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Primobolan Depot. Oral anabolic steroids refer to steroids that are in pill or tablet form. They are convenient to administer but they can cause liver damage if taken in large doses. Some of the common oral steroids include Anavar, Dianabol, and Andriol.

Creams vs pellets

The gels, creams and patches are commonly used to treat muscle wasting disorders and low testosterone. They are increasingly gaining popularity as they are easy to use and apply but they are the least powerful of all steroids as their method of administration does not allow absorption of high doses. Steroids in form of pellets are the least used but their popularity is also increasing. The pellets were initially developed for veterinary use. They are administered surgically by being inserted under the skin. Once administered, they are able to release testosterone for about four to six months.

Anabolic vs androgenic

Anabolic steroids are those that enhance breaking down of complex molecules into smaller ones for use in the body such as breaking down of proteins into amino acid to enhance the growth of lean muscle tissue. Anabolic steroids play a big role in the growth of muscle tissue and bones as well as organ size, nitrogen retention, immunity and height among others. The androgenic steroids are those that enhance male characteristics. The androgenic anabolic steroid enhances the growth of clitoris or penis, sebaceous gland activation, and genetic hair density.

Wet vs dry steroids

In order to get the best performance enhancement, you must understand the differences between wet and dry steroids. The wet steroids are compounds that make the body retain water as they are estrogenic in nature. The wet steroids convert hormones into estrogen resulting in water retention in your muscle cells. The use of a wet steroid can quicken muscle recovery as well as relieve joint pain. A popular wet anabolic steroid is the Dianabol. The dry steroids do the opposite of wet steroids. They remove water from body cells. The dry steroids do not aromatize or convert to estrogen as they are non-estrogenic. The dry steroids are preferred by athletes during cutting cycles to help promote muscular definition and maintain lean muscle mass. The most popular dry steroid is the Winstrol. Understanding the differences between wet and dry steroids is highly important when stacking as the best stack cycle should contain a dry and a wet steroid to reduce the possible side effects.


When it comes to the use of steroids, safety should be of great importance. You should not sacrifice safety for the sake of results to avoid developing side effects. In fact, experts say that you should administer the lowest effective dosage.